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The Council of Ministers issued a decision approving to grant the Jordanian citizenship to foreign investors or a permanent stay, based on a number of terms and conditions, for the purposes of promoting investment, supporting the economic environment and creating new job opportunities. The decision aims to attract foreign and regional investments, boost the economy and create job opportunities in Jordan. The terms and conditions entitling investors to apply for a citizenship are published on Jordan’s Prime Ministry website.

Source: Prime Ministry of Jordan Website



Our founder and managing partner Dr. Ibrahim Amosh established Amosh Legal Services & Arbitration back in the year 2000. In the past twenty years, we provided comprehensive legal services, with particular expertise in the area of corporate, commercial and securities laws. The firm also provides legal services in various fields including, telecommunication, intellectual property, and property, banking, insurance, taxation and labour law. On a corporate level, the firm conducted many legal due diligences, incorporated companies, formed, and overlooked various joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.     Read More...

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Dr. Ibrahem Amosh 

April, 6, 2020

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 also known as the Coronavirus, some companies worldwide will potentially attempt to invoke force majeure clauses to curb their contractual liability in the face of the difficulties they are experiencing in performing their contractual obligations. In some countries, such as China, France and Iraq, the concerned authorities issued “Force Majeure Certificates” which recognize Covid-19 as a case of force majeure for companies who engage in contractual relationships.  Read More...